teacher makes a difference

Second grade started off bumpy.  I will spare the details because I vowed to let go of the anger.

A friend of mine and I often discuss how the difference between a good and bad year is determined by the teacher. 

It is about relationships and trust.  If you do not trust that the teacher is going to support you or believe in you, you're defeated.  If you trust the teacher, you will take risks with confidence in your abilities.

As a mom, you want your child's day to be full of discovery and interesting topics.  You want your child to want to be in school.  You don't want to have a pit in your stomach when you see a beat down child come pick up. 

Chipping away at a child's self-esteem isn't okay.  Ever.  But...everyone knows that, right?  I mean...you're a teacher because you want to be a teacher.  Not because it pays big bucks.  I tried it.  It wasn't for me, so I spared future generations from my lack of enthusiasm and left the profession.  There is a better person for the job.

My son trusts his current teacher.  He is thriving. 

It is as it should be.


nothing much

After a whirlwind weekend we're back in the swing of it.  Something about Fall makes it all better though.  Everything is a little more exciting when you're in jeans and spotting orange everywhere you turn.  I love it.  I love seeing magazine racks full of ideas for Thanksgiving Dinner and big fat Texas grapefruit in the stores.  It is a sign that the next ten weeks or so will be loaded with opportunities for fun.

Not much new here otherwise.  We attempt to keep our weekends light and focused on the family.  But this weekend was busy.  Busier than we are used to.  In 24 hours we had a school carnival, dinner with the big boys, trek to the pumpkin patch and two soccer games.  We enjoyed a very lazy Sunday to say the least.  We're all coughing a little from being outside too much, so it was fantastic to snuggle in and watch old cartoons and graze on pantry goods.  It's pretty great to have a day of nothing, don't you think?



We've had a long couple of weeks with random fevers and colds settling in our chests.  No fun.  But the sky is sunny, and I think we're on the mend by golly.  The past few days have been beautiful outside.  Fall in Texas is very nice with cool nights and almost cool days.  The boys play outside for hours creating new objects and inventions and games from stuff lying around the yard.  In fact, we played a family game of freeze tag.  It was a blast!  I recommend it highly.  When I get down on the typical school day sucking all the fun out of their lives, I am happy they have each other and backyard to make memories.  I know I know...school is fun.  But really?  Homework in second grade?  I don't remember it.  Do you?

Changing gears...I have to pay loads of respect to my darling husband today.  I was in bed with a migraine for most of yesterday and he took care of me.  Despite bratty tantrums, (me), and tons of tears, (me again), he was calm and knew just what to do to make it better.  When I sometimes get annoyed with him and his testosterone influenced illogical ways, God creates a situation for me to recognize and be grateful for my spouse.  No kidding.  Hub was on my list of 'not so favorites' at 3:00 and by 7:00 when the headache took its final spiral, I had erased all negative thoughts as he brought meds, rubbed feet and quietly ushered kids to bed complete with individual healing kisses for mommy.  When I think I am better off taking charge and just doing things myself, (a common trait among moms, I might add), I am humbled to remember we are a team and a really good one at that.

All that being said, my husband is deserving of praise galore.  He's not average.  He is definitely the best dad I know, and as far as husbands go...he is tops.  No holds barred.  Numero Uno.  Love ya babe.

ps Thank you.


blog title

"Bring me current" is a phrase my mother uses to keep in the know of our busy lives.  She is a hardworking mom who has devoted her life to her kids and keeping things in a forward motion.  Every so often I get to give her cudos for being a great mom, and I think she may appreciate the acknowledgment for the title. 

Here's to you, mom!

Now, to bring you current: Everyone is happy and healthy and loving school.  See you soon-


Does the word "resume" make you shudder?

Well, I applied for a job.  Two jobs actually.  One is similar to what I do from home now, and the other is definitely on the fun spectrum.  When a friend recently emailed and said, "I think you should go for this", referring to a job at a local magazine, I was flattered.  Scared and befuddled, but flattered.  It took me two weeks to update my resume.  Well, more accurately it took me forty-five minutes to actually do the resume, but two weeks worth of mulling.  You see, I have been working from home for seven years.  (I call it my work work.)  I am in the legal field.  Documents, research, what have you.  It's interesting and challenging at times, but it doesn't scream creative outlet.  For as grateful as I am, I often think how great it would be to write just for me for me!  For you!  We get each other is all I'm saying.  I write it and you smile and think...yeah, I know...I feel ya.  (That is what you do, isn't it?)

If you have not written a resume recently or ever, I recommend you to try it out.  For fun. ?  My work work is easy to put into words.  It's the other 75% of my life that's tough to verbalize for a stranger. At one point I was staring at the computer laughing at all the things I can't put on my resume.  Things like this: 

manage household of five as the only estrogen bearing participant
fold clothes and paper airplanes simultaneously while keeping an eye on the pasta water
keep the kids shots up to date, hair trimmed, socks white, bedtime met, while adoring husband, etc...
pay the bills and manage fulfilling social life
bring non-healthy snacks to the soccer game so I can be the cool mom
add culture and meaning to the lives of three young humans plus me
member of a dynamic duo

The list goes on... 

Well, friends, wish me luck.  I believe it's sparked a little fire in this girl.  I'm on the hunt to carve out a little bit of this great big world just for me.


it's noon

Do you ever hit noon and think where did the day go? I do. Often. My kids are in their jams. I'm in my robe and I haven't brushed my teeth yet. (hey, I'm still drinking coffee...don't judge.) But it is okay. It's summer. It is blazing hot outside and the only thing left to do is sit at the computer, work a little on real work and pilfer through the mound of paperwork known as bills. The kids do not mind playing Legos and they certainly don't mind a twentieth or so viewing of Cars. In fact, I think I hear The Banana Splits playing. I'm glad their mixing it up. I'm even more glad they can work the dvd player on their own.

All that being said, we're about to batten down for the approaching school year. We need to get clothes in order, backpacks filled and a regular bedtime/wake time established. Am I scaring you? Don't worry, it's just on my radar which means it won't actually happen till next week or the week after.

the beginning...again

There is nothing like a new beginning. I have a lot of them a lot of the time. Recently, I started running...again. I'm cutting out sweets...again. I'm organizing home videos...um...finally.

A couple of years ago I tried to start a blog. It was aimless and fluffy. Too...perfect. Look at my kids. They're so darn cute. But that's not really all I am about. I mean, my kids are cute and great. They offer me a lot of material. I think there's more real to write about than fluff though.

Since my last blog was award-winning I do have a lot to live up to. Wish me luck!